Know anyone who likes to draw?

As in, a kid — or maybe the kid in you? Then you’ll love our Draw series: step-by-step lessons for realistic drawing. See these titles on If you have a black and white edition of Draw Monsters by Damon J. Reinagle or 1-2-3 Draw books find the gallery of color images here.

Draw Cars cover
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Best seller!
Draw Ocean Animals cover
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Draw Animals cover
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Draw Insects
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1-2-3 Draw Series

If you have a black and white 1-2-3 Draw title, here are galleries of color images.

Freddie Levin has illustrated numerous children’s books. Using colored pencil, she generally employs soft colors. Her drawings often have a whimsical feel. Find her books on Amazon and elsewhere.

Steve Barr sold his first cartoon at the age of 11, and he hasn’t stopped since. His books are no longer in print, but you can find copies on Amazon and elsewhere. If you would like to download a printable certificate for one of Steve’s books, you can find them here.